Restore Dry Body Scrub


The combined effects of the fine particles of Moroccan Argan shells, Grape Seed and Bamboo allow for an intensive and efficient elimination of dead cells and other impurities. The stimulating effect of TONIC Restore Dry Body Scrub will reduce the appearance of unsightly cellulite, prevent ingrown hairs and infections, stimulate new healthy skin growth and leave your skin looking buff and polished.

For best results, use in combination with the skin hydrating, firming and protective effects of TONIC’s Restore Body Lotion.

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Product Info:

  • Size: 200gm
  • Skin Type: all skin types

Active Ingredients and Benefits:

  • Grape Seed, Moroccan Argan Shell, Bamboo Beads – Our blend of exfoliating beads are 100% natural and bio-degradable so they won’t harm our environment, while providing superior smoothing and buffing action on the skin.
  • Olive Leaf Extract – High levels of antioxidants protect against the signs of ageing and encourages healing.
  • Kaolin Clay – Increases circulation, stimulates healing and reduces irritation.

How to use:

Apply the size of a 10 cent piece to an area of your body such as your upper thighs. Using the palm of your hands, massage in a circular motion. You do not need to wet the skin. Continue to massage until it forms a dry paste. Once you have thoroughly massaged into your skin, hop into the shower or soak in a bath to rinse off the exfoliating particles.

Pat your skin dry and immediately apply Restore Body Lotion to help lock in moisture.

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