Morning Skin Routine

Morning Skin Routine with TONIC

Washing your face in the morning is just as important as brushing your teeth.

So why is it so important if I haven’t I cleaned my face thoroughly before going to bed? What could have possibly happened since then, to make my morning skin routine so important?

While you were dreaming away and recovering from your stressful day, your skin was busy regenerating itself. There has also been a buildup of dead skin cells, oil flow and bacteria throughout the night. To get the best benefits from your protective serums and moisturiser for the day, you need to have clean skin to apply products on.

Your night time routine prepares the skin to absorb mainly regenerative ingredients and your day time routine prepares your skin to absorb mainly protective ingredients. For these ingredients to work to the best of their ability, it is very important to have a clean canvas.

Using the same skin care products may seem appropriate but truth is your skin is facing different challenges during the day than it is at night.

During your busy day, your skin works hard at fighting off pollutants, bacteria, free radicals, dirt, make-up, and UV light.

Your skin is a warrior during the day, fighting off all the above and more. At night work doesn’t stop for your largest organ- the skin. This is the time to repair and prepare for the next battle ahead so you need a good regime to support your skin at all times.

Your morning routine should include a cleanser, eye cream, high performance serum and a light moisturiser followed by a sunscreen with a high SPF (30 and higher) depending on your particular skin type (most foundation and BB creams have a sunblock in them so no need to use a moisturiser with a sunblock it’s better to use a moisturiser with free radical and moisturiser protection).

Step 1: Free your skin from excess dirt, sweat and oil by using a gentle cleanser that does not dry out your skin or irritate it. If your skin is not properly cleansed it will affect every step afterwards in making it less effective. Inadequate cleansing can disturb the acid level of your skin and in effect will cause more sensitivity to dry skin. If your face is not cleansed properly, it can lead to clogging and congestion in the skin.

Step 2: Apply the cleanser e.g. TONIC Clarifying Foaming Cleanser and gently massage into the skin in small circular motions for at least 2 minutes for optimal results, the longer the better the cleansing effect. Rinse well. All skin types need moisture, otherwise the skin will eventually suffer signs of ageing, wrinkles, redness or dryness.

Step 3: Moisturisers such as TONIC Vita Glow Hydrate should be applied within 2 minutes after cleansing as the skin is soft and this increases the delivery of active and organic ingredients to help repair and protect your skin.

Step 4: Another important step in your routine is eye cream such as the TONIC Soft Focus Eye Cream for the most delicate part of your face. This product helps fight dark circles, because no one needs to see the aftern effects of last night’s party or overtime spent at the office, right?

Eye cream is generally richer than your moisturiser and more nourishing. Use 1-2 dots of the product and start at the inner corner of your eye. With your ring finger, gently dab outwards along the orbital bone towards temples where crow’s feet are normally found.

Step 5: And don’t forget to put on sunscreen before leaving the house. The sun is the number one cause of skin ageing.

Of course, it doesn’t need to be so basic, you can add a serum that can boost the free radical and UV protection for your Skin. TONC serums both contain a slow release Vitamin C which protects the skin from pigmentation.

Another important question is do you want to add more chemicals to your day or should you consider going organic?

The answer is that people are becoming increasingly aware of the harmful chemicals in cosmetic products and are instead turning to the benefits and the power of nature. Products such as TONIC Skin Care offer a great range of products to help you bring out the best in your skin using the latest technology formulas and the latest scientific research to extract nature’s goodness.

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