Getting the Most Out of Your Cleanser

Getting the Most Out of Your Cleanser

Did you know that there are ways to get more benefits from your cleanser? We tend to focus mainly on serums and moisturisers but not enough on the most important part of our daily skin care routine, cleansing!

Not cleaning your face properly can result in acne, dullness and even speed up the ageing process of our skin.

Instead of giving our face a quick wash down approach we should be doubling our efforts, in fact we should double cleanse.

To keep our skin healthy, youthful, free from impurities, dirt and make-up, cleansers are the most important part of our skin care routine. However, we recommend to stay away from soap bars and wipes which often dehydrate the skin rather than hydrate it. We prefer gentle, natural, sulphate-free cleansers without harmful chemicals and fragrances for radiant looking skin.

But let’s face it, we usually only get exposed to the benefits of our cleanser for a few seconds before we wash it off, right? But how can we get more out of the process and more of the active ingredients into our skin?

One way of receiving more out of your cleansers is by using them as a mask giving your skin more time to receive the full benefits of the ingredients and effects of AHA or BHA exfoliation from the product. Leave the cleanser on your skin for longer than normal (even take a bath for a full spa experience before washing it off). Leaving the product on your skin over a longer period of time will help it to effectively break down make-up, sunscreen and oils. In turn, this will stimulate new cell growth so start cleansing and masking today!

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