Double cleanse? Really? YES!

Double cleanse? Really? YES!

Cleanse your face once for your morning routine, then in the evening it’s time for the double cleanse, especially if you are a makeup wearer. This is a simple yet effective way to keep your skin clean and healthy.

So, what is a double cleanse?

Double cleansing does not include face wipes.

First step: Use our Clarifying Foaming Cleanser on dry skin, working this into the skin to lift off any makeup, dirt and daily impurities.

Second step: Wash off.

Third step: Follow by using TONIC Cleansing Milk, a cream-based cleanser to ensure all makeup is thoroughly removed, and to aid hydration. This is done at night when you have been wearing makeup all day to deeply cleanse your face.

The benefits of this unique cleansing technique?

  • Ensures that all last vestiges of make up and sunscreen are removed. This way the skin is completely clear from impurities.
  • The second cleanse leaves the skin soft and hydrated, keeping skin healthy and clear.
  • Improves the skin’s texture and helps to achieve a clearer complexion.
  • You will find you will use less serum and moisturiser because cleansing has done a good job beforehand.
  • The serums and moisturisers will work their magic and absorb deep into the skin because the skin is prepped and clean.
  • Poorly-removed makeup, dirt and impurities are the main culprits of blocked pores and, subsequently, blemishes. With double cleansing you can be sure that you’ve removed everything.
Doing a night-time double cleanse not only removes makeup and refreshes the face after a long day but also prepares the skin for the next day.

How does double cleansing help makeup application?
Good makeup always starts with good skin care! Double cleansing will keep the skin clean and the texture will improve. It can potentially improve the clarity and hydration of the skin which means that essentially you need less foundation or base, as skin is fresh and flawless. Foundation always sits better when the skin is hydrated and has been well prepped.

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