Detox your skin post Halloween


Tonic has the solution for your Halloween post candy skin and the upcoming festive season breakout!!

I love sugar but sugar doesn’t love me!
If your skin is suffering after your Halloween candy binge it’s time to help your skin recover.

Start your day with a tall glass of water and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice.

To start curbing your sugar cravings consume a date or two on an empty stomach. Yes, they are high in sugar but they are also high in fibre and essential vitamins and minerals that can help you start weaning yourself off the empty calories of candy!

For example, Vitamin A helps to improve problematic skin conditions such as acne by helping to normalise oil production, leaving skin less oily and more balanced.

The presence of Potassium provides benefits by boosting the nervous system functionality. This brain boost will help you stay more alert and hopefully help you make better food choices. 😬

Now to deal with the damage candy has done on your skin, apply a thick layer of the Tonic Cleansing Milk to your skin and leave it on for up to 20 minutes. The longer it is left on the deeper cleanse you get. Boosted with natural AHA fruit Acid and Lactic Acids it will gently exfoliate the skin. Leaving this cleanser on gives the acids more time to deeply cleanse and stimulate new cell growth and renewal. You may notice that some areas where your skin has a pimple it will sting for a few minutes. Don’t worry this stinging feeling will pass and aids in sending a signal to your bodies natural repair system to target healing in that area.

To supper charge skin healing you can actually leave this Milk on overnight. 

Then in the morning apply the Tonic Microexfoliant+ over the top of your skin, let it dry for a few minutes then start massaging the skin. You will notice as you massage the skin the products will turn into a sticky paste.

NOTE: the colour of the paste will change to an off-white tone as it traps dead skin and dirt! 

Combining the Microexfoliant+ and the Cleansing Milk gives the skin a very deep cleanse. The Cleansing Milk contains AHA’s, Lactic acid and the Microexfoliant* contains BHA’s and AHA’s.

These acids dissolve the bonds that hold dead skin, dirt, oil, makeup and environmental pollutants.

The results you will get on your skin are numerous.

  • Pimples and breakouts heal faster
  • Blackheads dissolve and skin looks smoother
  • Pigmentations looks lighter
  • Makeup sits better
  • Fine lines look smoother
  • Skincare penetrates better resulting in superior hydration, skin strength and smoother skin.

So enjoy your candy treats but also treat your skin with skin healing and strengthening form Tonic.

TONIC Microexfoliant+ is also recommended to be used at least once a week as an intensive exfoliation mask treatment. As the mask turns into a sticky paste, it will capture and lift off dead skin and dirt that has been built up, giving your skin a much needed deeper cleanse. This will result in a smooth, clean canvas ready for products to penetrate deeper and repair the skin. Makeup application will also be a lot smoother and skin will look and feel amazing!


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