Dehydrated Skin vs Dry Skin: Aren’t they the same?

Dehydrated Skin vs Dry Skin: Aren’t they the same? NO!

When considering dehydrated skin and dry skin, can you tell the difference?

Dry skin is caused by a loss of lipids due to a problem with the skins barrier function, the skin loses more water than usual and can easily become dehydrated. Dry skin sufferers can have a combination of symptoms such as itching, discomfort, scales, roughness, and even cracks in the skin. Finding that it can be irritated easily, even from the gentlest products.

Dehydrated skin is more of a temporary state, we can’t consider dehydrated skin as a skin type. Dehydrated skin lacks water both internally and externally. Dehydrated skin symptoms often leave the skin in a state of tightness, discomfort, loss of radiance, increased facial lines, and can cause trouble for biological functions such as the body’s healing process.

The two are very different when it comes to skin care, though you can even have both dry and dehydrated skin at the same time. The approach to resolving these skin care concerns is important, as you might be using products for dry skin when yours is actually dehydrated (or vice versa), which just aggravates your skin care woes.

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