Daily Skin Care Routine- an Introduction


You would have received a multitude of advice on skin care products from beauty magazines, beauticians, family and friends over the years no doubt!

We’ve read up on our favourite Celebrities such as Margot Robbie, Kim Kardashian and other A listers in addition, to find out what their beauty essentials are.

While we are trying to do right thing by our skin, sooner or later end up with a number of skin care products sitting on our bathroom shelves without the know-how on how to utilize them effectively. We risk not getting the full benefits of our investment.

So how can we put our precious tubes and jars into action? Each product addresses different skin problems from anti-ageing to anti-acne to ultra-hydrating and skin boosting and honestly, who wouldn’t be lost and confused?

First, we need to understand the order each product comes in to give you best results. Similar to an orchestra. Remember, our skin’s needs can change over time during hot summer weather or in cold, harsh, winter months.  Even hormonal changes, environmental changes, and of course ageing can greatly affect our skin’s needs.

There are two different skin care routines we need to put our focus on. Morning and night time cleansing and care.  

Your skin care routine in the morning and at night should be similar with the night time routine being slightly more intense.

During the day our skin is exposed to an array of pollutants, UV rays, make-up and sweat which is why you should put more time and effort into your night time routine.

Your skin is your daily representative – neglect and it will eventually show.

You should never go to bed without double cleansing. It is the number one rule as your skin recovers at night.  

‘What are you putting on your skin’?

Ideally your answer should be natural, organic and nothing that you cannot pronounce. So natural in fact, that it would be safe to eat it. I am not saying you should!  However, a lot of organic beauty products contain very nutritional ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Macadamia Oil, Coconut Oil, Vitamins and Minerals. Bottom line is – keep it natural.

A Daily morning routine is short but effective and must include:

  1. Cleansing
  2. Serum application
  3. Eye Cream application (the skin around your eyes is more sensitive)
  4. Moisturizer and
  5. Sunscreen

We have stepped away from moisturizers that include sunscreen. It is more effective to allow room for vital, active ingredients as your moisturizer has to replace or reduce active ingredients to make room for added sunscreen. Choose natural products that leave no room for sunscreen but are packed with active ingredients like those mentioned earlier. Apply sunscreen on top of your moisturizer. This is a valuable beauty hack and a fact not many know about.

The Night time routine just for you includes:

  1. Cleansing
  2. Cleanse again – yes, one more time (Double cleanse)

Why cleanse twice? Even the best cleanser will have a tough job removing all make-up and all of the daily pollutants at once. It is a lot to ask for and nearly impossible to achieve.

Double cleansing will ensure that your face is squeaky clean. You can start with an oil-based cleanser to remove make-up and sunscreen and then move on to a water-soluble cleanser to remove pollutants and sweat. If you are not wearing make-up, you may not need an oil-based cleanser – simply use the same cleanser twice.

Some might think it is wasted time and wasted cleanser. However, don’t forget that you are preparing your skin for recovery.

  • Exfoliate – (2x per week) Why exfoliate? To remove dead skin cells and increase circulation. Dry skin cells will sit in your pores and prevent your skin care products from penetrating into the deeper layers through your epidermis. All those nutrients will simply rest on top of the build-up of dead skin cells. No one wants to look ashy and if you are after a natural radiant glow and younger looking skin, practise this mantra and exfoliate.
  • Serum – A serum is able to penetrate deeper into the layers of your skin. It is quickly absorbed and delivers an extremely high amount of active ingredients which are biologically active. Do not miss this vital step and do not be put off by the price, it is definitely worth the cost.
  • Night Cream – some of you may simply turn to your morning moisturizer but reconsider.  Night creams are specifically made for your skin’s recovery and repair phase. Most night creams stimulate cell activity and collagen production and are usually more hydrating and richer compared to your daytime moisturizer. Definitely worth the investment.

So now it’s up to you. Remember, looking after your skin is an investment and it does take time!

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