Benefits of Dry Brushing and Body Scrub Massage

When it comes to your skin care routine, you are likely to focus mainly on the face, our number one representative.

We book in for regular facial treatments and are happy to invest time and money to help achieve the look we desire.

However, doing the same for our body does not even cross our minds. Here are some facts that will hopefully change our habits and make us care more for our body. It doesn’t take much time, yet comes with an array of benefits and can easily be done at home.  

If your skin has lost its smoothness and is rather flaky and dry, it’s time to go the extra mile and invest in an organic dry body scrub. Unfortunately, dead skin cells target all areas of the body resulting in uneven and dull looking skin.

We can all agree that dry skin certainly requires an emergency response! So how do we restore our beautiful, soft and smooth skin?

  • Exfoliate – Do to your body as you do to your face.

Actively rid your skin of dead skin cell build-up and clogged pores to allow for your moisturizing lotion and hydrating creams to penetrate deeper into the skin. Exfoliate 2-3 times per week and you will soon be rewarded with beautiful, revitalized skin and an even skin complexion.

  • Scrub – Well, don’t you scrub up nice!  

Scrub away ladies! Celebrities and skin care specialists such as Elle McPherson and Miranda Kerr have long been advocates for dry bushing.

Even luxury hotels and spas offer it as part of their menu.

Exfoliation and scrubbing are the key to beautiful, healthy skin and now that the secret is out, we can all benefit from it. But it’s not just about the exfoliation. It’s all about the circular motion.

Scrubbing in a circular motion using your palm will increase blood circulation and oxygen flow and will encourage the removal of toxins and stimulate cell renewal. This will combat your number one enemy – Cellulite.

Everyone dreads the orange-peel feel and appearance. It also helps those suffering from Keratosis pilaris which looks like little bumps under the skin resulting in a rough appearance and feel. And if that wasn’t enough to convince us all, dry scrubbing your underarms removes odour causing bacteria and leads to a fresh scent and feel. It doesn’t take much time and can be done before jumping in the shower. It’s crucial to awaken your skin and encourage it to renew and restore itself to former glory.

Choose an organic dry body scrub that does not require water for a more intense treatment. The advantage of a scrub is that it does not require you to clean a brush which can easily become a hub for bacteria.

Consistency is what makes all the difference. Make dry scrubbing part of your daily routine. You wouldn’t brush your teeth only once a week or go to the gym once a month and expect to see results.

Moisturize – Give your body the same love and attention you give your face and lock in that moisture. With the removal of dead skin cells, your moisturizer is now able to penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin. When you undertake waxing treatments, it is important to know that dry and brittle hair that is lacking in moisture can snap during waxing, leaving excess hair behind.

Choose an organic product that nourishes and repairs the skin. You can even do a foot mask with your lotion. Leave it on overnight while wearing your favourite wool socks. Remember, consistency is key.

So now you know, what are you waiting for? Try a Tonic Restore Dry Body Scrub and Lotion today

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